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Pain of Salvation


Record companymarquee
Copyright2004 Roasting House Productions AB
Release date2004-02-21
LabelsMarquee Inc. / Avalon


Book I: Genesis: I (Leaving Entropia)
Book I: Genesis: II (This Heart Of Mine)
Book I: Genesis: III (Song For The Innocent)
Book I: Genesis: IV (Brickwork Descend 1)
Book I: Genesis: V (Leaving Entropia)
Book II: Genesister: Winning A War
Book II: Genesister: Reconciliation
Book II: Genesister: Dryad Of The Woods
Book II: Genesister: Oblivion Ocean
Book II: Genesister: Undertow
Book II: Genesister: Chainsling
Book III: Genesinister: VI (Brickwork Ascend 1)
Book III: Genesinister: VII (Brickwork Ascend 2)
Book III: Genesinister: VIII (Second Love)
Book III: Genesinister: IX (Ashes)
Book III: Genesinister: X (Brickwork Descend 2)