If You Knew Suzi… (2017 Remaster)

If You Knew Suzi… (2017 Remaster)

11 titles

Suzi Quatro


Record companyAWALUK
Copyright1978 Chrysalis Records Limited
Release date1978-08-12
LabelsChrysalis Records


Don't Change My Luck (2017 Remaster)
Tired of Waiting (2017 Remaster)
Suicide (2017 Remaster)
Evie (2017 Remaster)
The Race Is On (2017 Remaster)
If You Can't Give Me Love (2017 Remaster)
Breakdown (2017 Remaster)
Non-Citizen (2017 Remaster)
Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo (2017 Remaster)
Wiser Than You (2017 Remaster)
Stumblin' In (2017 Remaster)