Summer Love Songs

Summer Love Songs

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The Beach Boys


Record companyumgglobal
Copyright2009 Capitol Records, LLC
Release date2009-05-19
LabelsCapitol Records


Don't Worry Baby
Why Do Fools Fall In Love (2009 New Stereo Mix w/Intro)
Wouldn't It Be Nice
God Only Knows (The Stereo Mix)
Surfer Girl
California Girls (2001 Stereo Remix)
Please Let Me Wonder
In the Parkin' Lot
Your Summer Dream
Kiss Me, Baby
Hushabye (2009 New Stereo Mix)
I'm So Young (2009 New Stereo Mix)
Good to My Baby (2009 New Stereo Mix)
Fallin' In Love
Time to Get Alone (2009 New Stereo Mix)
Our Sweet Love
Help Me, Rhonda (Mono)
Keep an Eye On Summer
Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) [The Stereo Mix]
Girls On the Beach (w/Outro)