Amplifier are an English rock band originating from Manchester. The band has released six albums and four EPs since its inception in 1999. Their music has been described as "Soundgarden, Tool, Black Sabbath, Oceansize and Pink Floyd taking copious amounts of mind-altering substances and venturing on a trip through time and space (to another dimension), and back again." Their music is characterised by guitarist Sel Balamir's effect pedals, Matt Brobin's complex drumming, extended heavy sections, atmospheric compositions and philosophical lyrics. Their self-titled debut album, Amplifier, was released in 2004 by Music for Nations. Their second album, Insider was released in Europe in 2006 on the SPV label. Their third album, The Octopus, was released to fans in December 2010 ahead of a full release in January 2011. Their fourth album, Echo Street was released in 2013, and the fifth album, Mystoria, was released in September 2014. They are often cited as one of the most underrated bands of the UK's rock scene, although they retain a strong cult following around Europe.


LabelsKscope, Ampcorp, SPV, Music For Nations, Superball Music, Rockosmos
Previous membersNeil Mahony Alexander Redhead (Magnum)
MembersSel Balamir Matt Brobin Steve Durose Tam Ali
Years of activity1999–present

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