Corelia was an American heavy metal band from San Diego, California, United States. The band was managed by Outerloop Management until October 2016 and have released two EPs, Nostalgia (2011), and Nostalgia (Instrumentals and Extras) (2012).The band has been embroiled in controversy. In 2015, Corelia raised over $30,000 via crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in 2015. Since they produced no updates from late 2016 to mid 2020, Corelia was long believed to be disbanded, leaving the many contributors to their crowdfunding campaign disgruntled. On April 11, 2020, an anonymous individual claiming to be a former member of the band (presumed to be Chris Dower), created a separate Facebook page titled "Corelias", and announced that he had a copy of the unreleased album and attempted to release it to the public on April 20, without the formal authorization of the remaining band members. Though it was revealed to be a hoax by someone unrelated to the band, Corelia initially believed it to be credible and made their first public comment in nearly four years. On April 21, the remaining band members released a second statement apologizing for the years of silence. They confirmed an unnamed band member had indeed quit, and promised they will do whatever they can to release whatever material they have finished, as well as compensate anyone who contributed to their crowdfunding campaign, but to date have taken no actions to back these claims.On May 8, 2020, Corelia had updated their Indiegogo stating that they intend to give all contributors a link to the album to download on May 11, 2020.


Previous membersRyan Devlin Clayton Pratt Ryan Borrell Adrian Alperstein Chris Dower
Years of activity2010–2015, 2020

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