DJ Blyatman

DJ Blyatman

Hardbass or hard bass (Russian: хардбасс, tr. hardbass, IPA: [xɐrdˈbas]) is a subgenre of electronic music which originated from Russia during the late 1990s, drawing inspiration from UK hard house, bouncy techno, Scouse House, and hardstyle. Hardbass is characterized by its fast tempo (usually 150–175 BPM), donks, distinctive basslines (commonly known as "hard bounce"), distorted sounds, heavy kicks and occasional rapping. Hardbass has become a central stereotype of the gopnik subculture. In several European countries, so-called "hardbass scenes" have sprung up, which are events related to the genre that involve multiple people dancing in public while masked, sometimes with moshing involved. From 2015 onward, hardbass has also appeared as an internet meme, depicting Slavic and Russian subcultures with the premiere of the video "Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem", based off the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of games from GSC game world. Its popularity can be in part credited to the YouTuber Life of Boris . Another video featuring hardbass is “SLAV KING - Boris vs. DJ Blyatman” which was created by the YouTuber Life of Boris as-well.


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