Emarosa ( EM-ə-ROH-sə) is an American rock band formed in Lexington, Kentucky, in 2006. The band currently consists of lead guitarist and founding member ER White and lead vocalist Bradley Walden, who joined the band in 2013. The group has undergone several line-up changes throughout its career, with lead guitarist ER White being the sole remaining founding member. Originally oriented towards post-hardcore and alternative rock, Emarosa has gravitated towards a more pop rock sound in recent years. Upon the band's formation, they released one extended play (EP) in 2007, titled This Is Your Way Out, and shortly after, the group underwent significant line-up and sound changes, dropping their metalcore influence and leaning towards a more rock sound. The band released their debut studio album, Relativity (2008), which featured vocalist Jonny Craig and rhythm guitarist Jonas Ladekjaer. Their eponymous second studio album was released in June 2010, to critical acclaim, and was Craig's final album with the group. Following Craig's departure, the band toured briefly with a fill-in vocalist before entering a period of inactivity. Eventually, Craig was formally replaced by Walden. Emarosa then released their third studio album, Versus, on September 9, 2014, which peaked at No. 61 in the Billboard 200. The band signed to Hopeless Records and released their fourth and fifth studio albums, 131 (2016) and Peach Club (2019). A sixth, Sting, is set for release in January 2023.


Previous membersChris Roberts, Mike Bryant, Chris Roetter, Madison Stolzer, Jonny Craig, Lukas Koszewski, Jonas Ladekjaer, Will Sowers, Jordan Stewart, Matthew Marcellus, Robert Joffred
MembersER White, Bradley Walden
Years of activity2006–present

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