Fair to Midland

Fair to Midland

Fair to Midland was an American alternative metal band based in Texas. They produced two self-released albums before signing to Serjical Strike, Serj Tankian's vanity label at Universal Republic. There, they released their only major record label album, Fables from a Mayfly, in 2007. While the album broke into the Billboard 200, they eventually parted ways with Serjical Strike and later released their fourth album Arrows and Anchors in July 2011. Tentative plans for a fifth album had been discussed at the end of the Arrow and Anchors touring cycle, but the band became inactive in 2013.


LabelsFTF, Serjical Strike, E1
MembersDarroh Sudderth Cliff Campbell Nathin Seals Jason Pintler Brett Stowers Matt Langley Jon Dicken Ryan Collier Logan Kennedy
Years of activity1998–2013

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