Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave is an indie rock band from Oakland, California, and headed by Zach Schwartz (a.k.a. Zach Rogue) who created the band after losing his job in the dot-com bust. Their first album was Out of the Shadow which was released privately in 2003 and re-released in 2004. In the fall of 2004 they went on a national tour of the United States. Their most recent album, Cover Me, was released on February 17, 2017, through Easy Sound Recording Company.


LabelsVagrant (2013-present) Easy Sound Recording Company (2016-present)
Previous membersSteve Taylor Ken Christianson Cameron Jasper Dominic East Dan Iead Rob Easson
MembersZach Rogue Pat Spurgeon Masanori Christianson Jon Monahan
Years of activity2002–present

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