Snowy White

Snowy White

Terence Charles "Snowy" White (born 3 March 1948, Barnstaple, Devon) is an English guitarist, known for having played with Thin Lizzy (permanent member from 1980 to 1982) and with Pink Floyd (as a backing guitarist; he was first invited to tour with the band through Europe and the United States in 1977, and during The Wall shows in 1980), and more recently, for Roger Waters' band. He is also known for his 1983 solo offering "Bird of Paradise", which became a UK Singles Chart Top 10 hit single.


Birth nameTerence Charles White
Birth1948-3-3}} [[Barnstaple]], Devon, Engla
ActivityMusician, singer-songwriter
LabelsTowerbell, White Flames, Repertoire, Hypertension, Cleopatra
Musical instrumentsGuitar, bass guitar, vocals
RelatedThin Lizzy, Pink Floyd, Peter Green, Mick Taylor, Roger Waters & The Bleeding Heart Band, Rick Wright, Max Middleton, Snowy White's Blues Agency, Snowy White & The White Flames, Snowy White Blues Project, Meek Mill
Years of activity1965–present

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