White Lion

White Lion

White Lion was an American glam metal band that was formed in New York City in 1983 by Danish vocalist and guitarist Mike Tramp and American guitarist Vito Bratta. Active mainly in the 1980s and early 1990s, they released their debut album Fight to Survive in 1985. The band achieved success with their No. 8 hit "Wait" and No. 3 hit "When the Children Cry" from their second album, the double platinum selling Pride. The band continued their success with their third album, Big Game which achieved Gold status and their fourth album Mane Attraction which included a supporting tour. White Lion disbanded in 1992 and not long after their first compilation album, The Best of White Lion was released. Mike Tramp reformed White Lion with all new musicians in 1999 and again in 2004, following a failed attempt to reform the original line up. The new White Lion released a live album in 2005 and a brand new studio album Return of the Pride in 2008.


LabelsAtlantic, Frontiers
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Previous membersMike Tramp Vito Bratta Joe Hasselvander James LoMenzo Greg D'Angelo Felix Robinson Nicki Capozzi Dave Spitz Jimmy DeGrasso Darrell Coleburn Tommy T-Bone Caradonna Kasper Damgard Dan Hemmer Nils Kroyer Bjarne T. Holm Jamie Law Troy Patrick Farrell Claus Langeskov Henning Wanner
Years of activity1983–1992, 1999–2013

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